Dangers ahead

Tiny spaces filled with faces shoulder to shoulder asses to asses breathing together like a million headed serpent a woman whispers the words of the prophet in a child's ear and he quietens his gaze the sound in the subway dries its sultry, its musty, the wetness abounds what poets do you prefer up your… Continue reading Dangers ahead

A distant October

Her evening baritone dressed in solemn winter wear stolen from a Catholic funeral She wears the colours of Whisky at the bottom of an alcoholic's gut the thick sludge of cirrhosis of the liver and of the heart So abysmal in a room of brightest lights burning through unblinking corneas her guiles are ashamed they… Continue reading A distant October

Weekend Beanstalk

Over the weekend a seed grows erumpent these chalk squares skipped over by teenage boys with filthy hands are washed away while an offshoot breaks forth, through the concrete floor I wonder if these slick faces with apocalyptic hairdos are fit to withstand the birth of a beanstalk tall as God's whoopty doo? Where are… Continue reading Weekend Beanstalk