The error of my being

 In the error of my being enveloped in your breasts, I wake to protest my flailing love for women and women-like things Floating within your peripatetic mind to find you searching for a morsel of pain, the kind that debilitates your sorrows away sometimes I regret,  having asked you to wait, for me and myself,… Continue reading The error of my being

A tipsy poem

Pour me a glass pour yourself a whisky now sit beside me tell me what you fear what haunts your whisky sours what rebels in your humdrum heart is it okay if I let go of your hand for a moment? we don't have enough ice for your troubles but this night is the night… Continue reading A tipsy poem

4 poems- night musings

Tragedy stacks of books, and no one to read them, home full of children, and no one to feed them. room full of tears, and no one to weep them, scattered secrets, and no one to keep them. Longing the simper of an unfed toddler, thirsty poems of a weary traveler. a timber wolf's restless  howl,… Continue reading 4 poems- night musings