In search of a home

we buy houses we decorate them with fancy furniture bought from first class stores in first class shopping malls we pay through the roof for this furniture and then we supplement it with replicas of famous paintings and busts of famous philosophers or if you are in India then with statues of flute playing gods… Continue reading In search of a home


sunsets have no use for me sure they are pretty to look at may be even poetic in some sense but they are possibly the most drab thing God could ever think of I mean, of all the things you could make pretty You chose sunset? what use do I have for the melancholy or… Continue reading Sunsets

City bus

There are only two people on the bus today and one of them reminds me of how I used to look when I still had hair, guts and gall, the courage to travel in a city bus borne from a sense of purpose, not submission to the indifference of the great urban Goliath that takes,… Continue reading City bus