There are bills piling up, in a desk drawer that only opens from the inside a stuff of adult nightmares seeped into our psyche like a weekly newsletter you don't remember having subscribed to but don't unsubscribe for fear of missing out we are here, and only here waiting for a miracle licking the envelopes… Continue reading Bills

Crumbling it is, crumble it must!

The neon sign boards on sun dried streets blued bicycles and transparent umbrellas I'm not sure whether I am reading too much into a dream or if these are portents of the distant future what I imagine is what I am turning into my iris greener than usual my mitochondrial pulp suddenly altered, into steel… Continue reading Crumbling it is, crumble it must!


When the wind finally strikes the faces of timid men they cower or run, in fear for their beliefs are in danger in danger of being swept away in one swoosh, the fresh breeze coming in cool, from the east may wash away years of prejudice these men, who won't walk with you eat with… Continue reading Winds