8:40 on January 12th

It's 8:40 on January 12th and you seem busy ignoring my song there is comfort in silence or silence in comfort the TV talks, the radio blares our feet are cold and without socks there aren't any cigarettes left in my pocket but I have quit, haven't I? One more for the road, I say… Continue reading 8:40 on January 12th

Notice the blood and tears

Notice them when they are not paying attention they rejoice amongst themselves forgetting you ever existed for a while, you move around as a ghost a shadow amongst the people who proclaim their love for you yet they never notice when you cry blood and tears yet they never notice when you smile an empty… Continue reading Notice the blood and tears

An old aunt’s visit and melodrama

An old aunt's visit coincides with my demise I prefer being burned alive to another jibe but even in the casket in the final basket I am thinking of you, and your gift, the one you placed, on the nightstand in my room half a bottle of Scotch, and a dirty washcloth both smelling like… Continue reading An old aunt’s visit and melodrama