I’m wrong-

it's all I've ever heard, from the world- I am wrong. Not to be trusted or counted on, the weight of expectation bearing down; a frowning colleague, a fuming boss, a judgmental friend, a lover who seldom listens- I am wrong. the most eclectic of fairy tales, I've come to believe them- to question myself-… Continue reading I’m wrong-

I can only talk about myself

I can only talk about myself. I can only tell you who I was and not what I can become. My world vision has entropied, I can hardly see beyond the pale. Imagination eludes me, so do riches or comfort or peace or love. I can only talk about myself but there isn't all that… Continue reading I can only talk about myself

The error of my being

 In the error of my being enveloped in your breasts, I wake to protest my flailing love for women and women-like things Floating within your peripatetic mind to find you searching for a morsel of pain, the kind that debilitates your sorrows away sometimes I regret,  having asked you to wait, for me and myself,… Continue reading The error of my being