Rainbow killer

I killled a rainbow once trapped inside a soap bubble crying to be let out safe to say I burst its bubble I sat in the bathtub and pondered late into a warm June night over that one line Bukowski wrote about people being fully clad in rain and naked in bathtubs and it didn't… Continue reading Rainbow killer

Edgar Poe’s night of the mugging

It never leaves until at the very moment you are in need of one more dose right up your nose courage can be a real bitch in sticky outings out in the middle of no fucking where in the middle of the night a flat tyre shaped baggage pulling you in its grasp you remember… Continue reading Edgar Poe’s night of the mugging

Observing the human animal in the wild

A night out, in the backseat of a car, observer to a couple in heat, men & women, their clothes, their abuses, their poisons, all a unique parody of what happens when we the stifled sort, leave it to the unreluctant to make the rules of who should be what and what should be acceptable… Continue reading Observing the human animal in the wild