Weekend Beanstalk

Over the weekend a seed grows erumpent these chalk squares skipped over by teenage boys with filthy hands are washed away while an offshoot breaks forth, through the concrete floor I wonder if these slick faces with apocalyptic hairdos are fit to withstand the birth of a beanstalk tall as God's whoopty doo? Where are… Continue reading Weekend Beanstalk


It's an exhilarating sight to watch a man cut wood, use his hands to craft an ardent desk that would have many a troubled men play nervous tunes with their knuckles, tapping on the wood to ensnare lady luck into believing their inane lying about the worth of their own virtues. Men were built to… Continue reading Carpenters

Observing the human animal in the wild

A night out, in the backseat of a car, observer to a couple in heat, men & women, their clothes, their abuses, their poisons, all a unique parody of what happens when we the stifled sort, leave it to the unreluctant to make the rules of who should be what and what should be acceptable… Continue reading Observing the human animal in the wild