Swatch of human feeling

A swatch of human feeling torn from old jeans, ragged, washed and cheap like Ma’s scalded fingertips from serving hot milk, to her hungry kids. We lived in a house with no dimensions, on the edge of destiny’s demise. We were fed. We were happy. We tried to be. We wished to say our piece.… Continue reading Swatch of human feeling

Tall memorial

If they made a statue in my name it would probably be a mere five feet tall or under and shit upon by pigeons and crows, like all other statues, but they won't build me in bronze or marble or granite, so I won't look any special, covered in bird shit. Those honours are reserved… Continue reading Tall memorial

An embarrassed head

It is the stories we tell ourselves that blur the boundaries of perception and reality it is how we choose to tell these stories that we rise or fall in our own estimations I like to think I am a warm person full of hugs and cheers like a cuddly old bear hunting for love… Continue reading An embarrassed head