Writing a story

Everytime I write a story, I worry. I worry if I have enough substance. I worry if my characters lack depth. I worry if the dialogue is too thick, too awkward, too artificial. I worry if the plot is not as smooth as I imagined it would be. I worry that there isn't enough pace… Continue reading Writing a story

Trying to get through the day

To the glee of my friends seldom their envy, I lie in my bed, hugging a pillow case. Hardly anything excites me these days, except maybe Trump or whatshisface! My story is not thrilling or inspiring or even finished as a matter of fact, it's just not happening. I'm too oblong to try. Too opaque… Continue reading Trying to get through the day

I won’t forgive you

I cannot be held together against my will. If I want to break, I shall break. There is nothing to fret over my mental health. Just let me be. Let me grow sad and lonely. Let me grow a beard and keep it shabby. Leave me alone, even if I don't want you to. I… Continue reading I won’t forgive you