A tipsy poem

Pour me a glass pour yourself a whisky now sit beside me tell me what you fear what haunts your whisky sours what rebels in your humdrum heart is it okay if I let go of your hand for a moment? we don't have enough ice for your troubles but this night is the night… Continue reading A tipsy poem


I have four friends sixteen acquaintances one wife two girlfriends and a three legged mistress in my fridge is a six pack there are twelve cubes in the ice box and the whiskey is immeasurable life suspended in basic mathematics is how much or how many you can consume in a lifetime and if I… Continue reading Mathematics

It’s important to brush your teeth

I am often told that it is most important to brush my teeth twice a day and twice a day I must think about what I wish to do with my life and if that is not enough I must do so without the presence of alcohol and sex for they are but a distraction… Continue reading It’s important to brush your teeth