City existence haikus

#1 sea of warm bodies a lover's proximity strangers on subway. #2 ubran conundrum: work five days a week to live for two days. #3 tragic short stories lives gone by, unspent, unlived waiting in traffic. #4 the juggernaut moves people crumble, disappear the city lives on. #5 surreal landscape city of zombies and ghouls… Continue reading City existence haikus

Haiku week- Birds

Crows two crows on the run plotting a vicious murder huddle together.   Sparrows Two sparrows on edge thirst and hunger drove them mad ate an alley cat.   Eagle Majestic eagle a feathered king, rules the skies lives on a trash mound.   Pigeon an urban pigeon: work, eat, excrete and concrete dream to… Continue reading Haiku week- Birds