Poetry used to wrap snacks

Far too cold for a Shayar’s rigmarole, my poetry is not a wind chime.

It won’t warn you of the incoming storm or of the tall stranger at your door.

Who uses poems anymore, for support? Except the sellers of dahi-jalebi/for hearty morning meals.

I confess. If I had used my poems for wrapping food instead, they could’ve been success.

They can keep the warmth in. Feeling and food alike.

But I am too young or just a bit old to dwell on imprimaturs.

I wanted to write or be left alone with mirchi pakode and aloo dum.


*shayar (Urdu) – a poet.

* dahi (Hindi) – curd.

* jalebi (Hindi) – a North Indian sweet.

* mirchi pakore – snacks made of chickpea flour and chili.

* aloo dum – a preparation of boiled potatoes, spices and chili sometimes eaten for breakfast in North India.

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