An Indian Summer

#1 48 degrees

You need to hydrate my friend!
Drink a glass of water before you leave!
Can you pass me the bottle?
I’d rather have a beer!

#2 38 feels like 44 degrees

The menthol in my cig-
sweeps me off my feet
after an indecent meal
I feel like hope is catering
exclusively to me.

#3 37 degrees / 89% humidity

I wipe my forehead
on her thighs
she vies for more
I can’t say
I have felt this way

#4 46.4 degrees- No chance of rain

A hijra named Hafees
on Subramanyam Bharati Marg
is willing to impart
a blessing for a buck
I negotiate my rate
but I’m a cheapskate.

#5 Heat wave in France

Inch by inch
I melt into the ground
but the blood in my veins
is not enough
for this Earth
dying of thirst.

Photo Credit: Bhaumik Kaji on Unsplash

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