On this day,

at the end of another October

cold winds are going

to start blowing

many will carve pumpkins

many will wonder what’s Halloween

the ghosts and the ghouls

shall get confused which way to head

the West or the East

a new home, perhaps?

But there is already too many

of West’s more primitive

and poorer cousins due East

far too much misery here

to ever allow it to escape

a woman gets her head bashed in

by a loving husband

a child is murdered before her mother’s eyes

friends break apart, lovers float away

but God survives, weakened

wounded. There is so much

misery due east for Halloween

Let the cold winds pass

and let the dead sleep

you don’t know what a lantern

of hope could do

to a soul with no eyes

but a burning abyss of desolation.

Let the pumpkins be

Forget the end of October.

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