Rainbow killer

I killled a rainbow once

trapped inside a soap bubble

crying to be let out

safe to say

I burst its bubble

I sat in the bathtub

and pondered late

into a warm June night

over that one line

Bukowski wrote

about people

being fully clad in rain and naked

in bathtubs and it didn’t

make any sense

to “artfucker1996”

but it meant a lot to me

to be bare only in the comfort

of our home and

shut the world and

its wetness out

another soapy bubble

sits in between my index finger and the bird

he cries for help

to want to grow up

and be like his late Father

God Rest Soapy Sam’s soul

But i flick my fingers

and the crying stops

I tell M that I want to

slit her throat and make

a buffet of her bones

and she thinks I joke

lovingly so

but there is melancholy

in feeling like God

A terrible loneliness

to be a rainbow killer

God of bathtub bubbles!

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