Rebel before a laptop screen

As careful as I am

a bluebird calls my name

in the middle of a conversant pause

on a sultry May afternoon

a lull at work

or a digression in Church

it chirps as if too coy

to hear it’s own voice

but the longer the pause

the louder it grows

until I can’t ignore it anymore

It wants me outside

outside Banerjee’s apartment

outside my own skin

like the devil in my head

it forks its tongue

and slows everything down

until there is just me

and the bluebird

in a quiet, sleepy town

trying to figure out

what’d I do to get here?

where is here?

why do I have a ponytail?

Did I join a cult?

Oh man! What a tragic end

to a story that was supposed

to bring joy to all who

stare at screen all day

and fancy winning the lottery!

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