On the pier

To be able to view you,

review you

I need you

to sit with me quietly

I won’t trouble you

for a conversation

or for a kiss

we don’t have to share

except the air between

just stare straight ahead

look at the endless sea

the boats moving away

the waves come closer

the rocks wear down

the rain still reluctant

okay, you may go now

I don’t think the sea

needs you anymore

nor do I, not like this

hungry and awkward

looking at your watch

hide if you wish

you think me weak

for holding your hand

but I’m going in

into the sea

into the crashing waves

the turbulent waters

come hold my hand

if you will,

I won’t let go

it’s not a promise

but a pact for survival

we are only afloat together

or alone, at the bottom of the sea

take off your watch

we won’t need time

where we are going

don’t worry, we’ll be alive

for most of it

swimming into the sea

until we reach our

own wishful thinking

right where the sun

meets the sea, and

makes a vow.

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