We will cross the river together

Not enough drivel, not enough drive,

this moment, the lover, the life, a billion in five,

enough nonsense to go around,

clickety-clack, whoop de do, yodle-yodle-yodle,

how do I figure this world out?

a stick, a measurment, a tape?

Damn! I am certifiable,

it’s okay, just play safe

and settle down,

don’t worry about meaning and purpose,

just treat life like a frigging circus,

hula-hoops, and trapeze,

dancing monkeys, and show lions,

beasts of the jungle, tamed and neutered,

perhaps enough strength could be mustered?

to break these flimsy chains,

the nine to five, boss’s abuse,

fairness creams, unsolicited advice,

sexism, racism, consumerism,

the invisible fetters,

our freedom shudders,

I know you fear

being free of fear

it’s okay,

I will hold your hand

and we will cross the river together.

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