Gods and azure shores

And we finally arrived
on the azure shores
and greying clouds
spurs of the gods
that live beyond the horizon
and just out of our reach
cursed by mortals
to forever hide in distant realms
but not any more
when I touch this confounding blue
the mystery will finally be revealed
and I will finally know
what a god looks like
and if we are made in his image
if there is one or many
if they are truly immortal
or do they just pretend
until they assimilate into oblivion
nevertheless, on these distant shores
the gods will finally cease
to be an enigma
we will paint them
with our colours
some will know blackness, some white
they will be classified, they will be deformed
they will be deconstructed and reconstructed
until one day
these distant shores
will be their asylum
their detention camps
for we will be nothing if not
to our tormentors
and we will be nothing if not
vengeful, for we must exact
recompense for every catastrophe
every misfortune
and when enough gods have fallen
and when every single one of them
has known pain
we shall fade them into a forgetful fate
and on their ashes
we will build a new world
with new gods and newer shores
and it will be colourless.

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