A fortune teller comes knocking

So you claim to know my future?

Well, take my hand then

I must thank you for your hospitality

for if you know my future you must know

that I am going to die

a comfortable death

at the hands of a fortune teller


You are probably my killer

you see, a man’s fortune is often a man’s life

you still don’t understand, do you?

You see, like the tales of yore

when the breaths of kings

vested in their pet parrots and other birds

a royal death was often facilitated

by a fortune teller

who would warn the king of his impending doom

and unravel a chain of events

that death often came sooner than ordained

You, who claim to know my fortune

must know when I am going to die

so hasten it

get it on track as quickly as you can

now that you are finally here

you don’t have to pretend

I know your face

I would know your face anywhere

those pale cheeks and that eerie pall

them moonlit eyes, in a deathly thrall

your name is Death

take me home

I am much too wise for this world anyway.


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