City of my birth

in the city of my birth

after a long hiatus

for a sublime fortnight

amongst old friends

and estranged loves

but it isn’t the same

the people are mirthful

and the alleys still reek

of clandestine meet ups

but there is something

that’s miffed with me

angry at my long absence

the child of the city

is now an orphan

unwelcome and unwanted

undesirable to the eyes

that don’t always appreciate

my disdain or even my candour

it is true what they say

about leaving and never coming back

there is some dignity in

unfeeling departure

for you are unrecognizable

when you come back

you carry the scent of a new place

and its people

and the city, your city

forgets you, on purpose even

this tragic affair

merits very little consternation

in the histories of

thousands who have lived

and died here

away and apart from the

cities of their births.

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