sunsets have no use for me

sure they are pretty to look at

may be even poetic in some sense

but they are possibly the most drab thing

God could ever think of

I mean, of all the things you could make pretty

You chose sunset?

what use do I have for the melancholy

or the smallest of sorrows that creep up

everytime I look at the sunset?

Do You want me to acknowledge Your power?

Do You want me to tremble in awe and wonder?

Do You want me to pray to You?

Do You want me to kiss Your divine arse?

if You do

then a sunset isn’t going to work

it makes us wonder though

it does make us think of the fraility of life

and the inevitability of death

and all that other inconsequential nonsense

we infer from real

and often inanimate things


I am sure it’s quite romantic

but then apart from resting her head on my shoulders

and coming up with more challenges

for me to tackle

the sunsets don’t do much for my girlfriend

but I am being too harsh

sunsets are good for one thing

they tell me when I can finally start


and when I think of sunsets after I am drunk

they sure look good

and for some time

I forget about God, about pretty things, my girlfriend

and just think about the Sun

hanging out with his friends

celebrating the end

of another hard day at work

shining for somebody else.

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