Lie to me

Lie to me

begin the hunt for my soul

but tell me I have one

just for the moment

give me this solace

I don’t want there to be any bad blood

no sick mind games

just the possibility of a revival

all I want to do now

is drink and fuck until

I am too old to do either

and I want to be comfortable in the knowledge

that I am not a soulless monster

that I haven’t let anybody down

being who I want to be

life is kind of tough, without the margin for drowning

our sorrows away in alcohol

with the constant nagging

to validate ourselves in the eyes of

whoever is watching, if anyone

Lie to me

let me breathe

let me act upon all the raping, maiming urges too

I know I am asking for too much

but how do you decide what is human

and what is not

Is pain the only threshold?

Or is it an unwritten moral code

in a language I can’t understand

I am an Assyrian prince

in a Catholic church

my morals are not your morals

in fact, I am the law where I come from

at least that’s the dream

We are who we are

you want to prefer one slice of me

over another

but I am not a birthday cake

I, the monster in the closet, the alcoholic

the rapist, the child abuser, the wife beater, the killer, the dictator

we are all the same mess

inseparable and insufferable

Lie to me

and let me rest

tell me what a handsome man I have become

tell me what an amazing father I am

tell me you love my pithy poetic expression

Lie to me

for truth is not worthy of our contempt.

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