it is well nigh impossible

to catch hold of a cicada

that spends years in hiding

in its subterranean hell

digging, feeding, tunneling

its way through the planet

shy for the world outside

though he likes to call himself

the “pestilence”


he is sassy, talks trash

and doesn’t like to be patted

on the head

operates under the radar

keeps to the shadows

and buries himself

everytime a female walks across

all in all

he is a well rounded creature

his manners are a little off though

but that’s excusable

living underground is not easy

some say he has been hiding

undercover for the last 17 years

and it’s finally time for him to blossom

he has been writing lately

he is kind of a bad bird, this one

likes to drink beer

and pretend he is human.


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