TC, you rock star!

TC has a habit of being romantic in all the wrong places,

trying to dance in the winter rain,

then calling in sick at work the next day,

TC also likes to buy tulips,

even though they don’t grow here,

she likes them because she saw a painting about them,

or read a poem.

Ah yes! TC is quite a hipster,

loves kale and political correctness,

TC also believes in the soulmate unicorn,

likes vaping, smokes occasionally, drinks Bira,

complains about carceral feminism,

goes to the same club every Saturday,

reads Murakami in bourgeois cafes in Hauz Khas,

braids her hair on Thursdays, prays to Haile Selassie,

jives to Bon Jovi on Friday mornings,

and instagrams her sick day.

TC is quite the star.

She was also fired yesterday.



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