New beginnings-ideas for the blog

It’s almost the beginning of a new year. I have high hopes from this one. I had high hopes from the last one too and it did not disappoint. 2017 brought successes and disappointments in almost equal measure and perhaps, was the most cathartic year. My life moved in crests and troughs, overseeing extreme emotional upheavels that arrived with increasing frequency this year. Anyway, a lot seems to have changed.

I started this blog quite a while ago, while undegoing another crisis, and purely out of my love for writing. I am not a real writer. I haven’t read as much as I would like to, and I definitely haven’t written as much as I like to. I am not extremely good at what I do. Rather, I am just about average, give or take a level or two. However, despite the incessant self-deprecation, I wish to create something proper. And I don’t know how else to do it except through writing. So I have a few plans I would like to discuss with y’all.

I have been reading a lot of poetry in the past year, and I would like to keep reading more. But I want that to translate into actual writing. So one of my first projects will be to experiment with different forms of poetry, every week. Therefore, you may have one week dedicated entirely to haikus, another to sonnets, another to limmericks and so forth. Of course, this section will run parallel to the other poems that I wish to write. In addition to this, I want to do specific time bound writing challenges. This exercise is most certainly meant to inculcate discipline in my writing, and also allow me to read more, think more and experiment more, in order to generate more and more content. I have always had a problem motivating myself, so I guess these time bound challenges are sort of personal goals for me.

As I said earlier, one of my foremost plans for this blog is to experiment with different poetry genres, and I want to dedicate at least a couple of lines here to that idea. First things first, I want to experiment because I wish to learn and perfect as many forms of poetry as I can. Moreover, I honestly believe that poetry needs modernization and desperately so. Now I know that people are already revolutionizing poetry and breaking new grounds, but at least where I have lived and grown up, poetry is somehow solely associated with aesthetics, romance or philosophical hangups, and I just can’t reconcile myself with that idea. Therefore, I will be trying to chalk out new forms of poetry too. I know that I might not be the most qualified person to undertake a venture such as this, but nevertheless, I shall try. For example, one idea that I want to experiment with is writing a poem in two languages, one English, and the other perhaps Hindi, and achieving a rhythmic harmony for effect. This is not a novel idea. This is already a popular form of poetry, but it’s not as widespread as it should be. For us, living in the “third world” with our very unique colonial hangover and inheritance of the English language, it is often difficult translating vernacular emotions into an unfamiliar language. Often, this becomes the primary reason for dilution of content and myopic readership. I feel that poetry as an art form must posit a universal appeal, and as such, must endeavour to transcend normative barriers and archetypical art forms. It must be popular in its reach but mature in content. And so shall be my endeavour.

I guess this is all for now. Next week, beginning from the 17th of December will be dedicated entirely to haikus. I am crossing my fingers, and hoping for the best. Cheerio!

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