One tick and the journey begins

a nerve wracking quest for company

an anticipation of love and desire

enwrapped in a thrifty greeting

having spent more than a million lifetimes

looking for the right thing to say

an ice-breaker, an opening line

aiming to bedazzle, with pizzazz

and gusto, of a condescending prince

being conflicted- is it too much?

having your anxiety run amok, surrendering

to the bosom of the atypical ordinary

settling with an unspecial Hey!


Two ticks, and no reply

clutching your heart, hoping

it does not explode

feel your blood rushing

To your face, your head

feel them grow warm

with suspicion of a potential snub

with the possibility of being a creep

giving up, contemplating suicide

accepting that life is odd

Alas! the futility of modern living

in the absence of two blue ticks.


They are finally blue, you are not

the endeavour rife

with suffering and anxiety,

finally rewarded

with a  supple and sublime, “Sup?”

but the words accumulate,

the barrage overflows

too many questions,

some strange, some pathetic

you are emoting, you are expressing,

you are the modern man

but that one tick will never turn blue again

Modern conversations, medieval heartbreaks.

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