Carrey’s Cross

It takes a certain special sort of person to realise that the personalities that they exhibit are not worth all that much in the grand scheme of things. It is probably tiring to have someone rant about the grand scheme of things at this hour and minute. However, there is something weighing on me and I must try to understand it.

A few days ago, Jim Carrey gave an interview at the Fashion Week red carpet event which he termed as something “entirely useless”. However mirthful or hypocritical it may seem, Jim Carrey justified these comments later in the same interview and also, added to his explanations in another interview. Jim was of the opinion that we are just walking talking balls of fire/vapour with very little value to the universe. He postulated that our lives our like that of a character in game play and to play that game efficiently, we try to put on a certain persona. However, in an existential vindication, Jim reiterated what I have maintained for the longest time- that we don’t matter and neither do our personas. We can be whoever we want to be and do whatever it is that we want to do. The only thing stopping us is our misplaced sense of self-worth. Please don’t mistake this to for a positivity talk. This postulation is so negative that it basically equates us to shadows and dust and specks of dirt. However, in the process of destroying our self worth, it unburdens us. It liberates us from the yolk of our expectations, belief systems and our prejudice.

Of course, what Jim Carrey was referring to is merely the tip of the iceberg. These are deeply philosophical questions addressed by the greatest Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheistic philosophers, poets, writers, scribes and leaders. While I have read quite a bit on the subject, I am not fully equipped to attempt to explain the philosophical underpinnings of this particular existential question. Nevertheless, I can tell you how it makes me feel. I believe that one can truly progress as a human being when one is constantly willing to destroy and rebuild his personas. While this is easier to do when we are young, with our as yet unfastened belief systems and the terrible youthful energy surging through our body, time catches up to us and it befuddles us, makes our brains murky and our bones weak. Consequently, we are set in our ways and very rarely able to change ourselves.

You are not just one person, but many. If you accept that then happiness, sorrow and guilt, all become rather redundant. There is no mould to fit in anymore, for you are busy fiddling with the clay all the time. We are not a punchline; we are not an ad-lib; we are not a book or a book cover; we are not the prisoners of our own device. You are not special. You are just human. Do whatever with this knowledge!

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