Once more I came here expecting rainy days!

I am at a place where time stops as soon as u look up. I am not sure whether I was brought here against my will or if I volunteered. Who knows? Who knows the answers to these questions anyway? The unavailability and irrelevance of time and money here seem appropriate to the stature of men and women who have frequented this place, time and again. Bravery is the only measure of a man here. Bravery that does not mean recklessness,  foolhardy or impishness. For to be brave, means to take upon ourselves the tasks that we are not sure we will be able to handle only for the sake of an ideal- our dream,  our undying curiousity, our interests,  our duties and most importantly, for ourselves and the ones we love. We  run the risks of being away from our fellow men in mind and spirit and we seek the wrath of God,  only to satisfy ourselves that we are still men,  that we are still women.
Sometimes, I am not too sure what I want to do with my pen. Often,  I would ask for a pen and paper and then struggle with stringing even a couple of words together. However, this is not one of those times. Once more,  I came here expecting rainy days. However, the days here are sunny and they are long, so are the nights. This is the place where time,  age,  identity, past,  mistakes and sins do not matter. This is the place where we are alive. This is the place where we will live again and again,  till we die with pride and honour.

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