Where do we land?

My eardrum vibrates painfully as the plane takes off the runway. The dream of air travel comes with an earache. Set aside the science of it,  and think like a poet for a moment.  How very apt that something so lofty and beautiful should come with such a dear price tag.
The choices we make everyday, whether it is to earn more money,  advance our careers or even dealing with crazy spouses or crazier relatives, involve a moral cost,  at the least,  if not physical or psychological. Yet moral choices are never very taxing after we the first few compromises. For most of us, they come with the territory. If the immorality is grave,  then we have the justifications of survival and practicality. Bit by bit, we lose ourselves to the nightmare we call real life, and for most of us, life dies not come with a rewind button.
How does one remain upright in a world strewn with such landmines? I mean,  how does one remain functional? Functionality often is the ground we compromise on.  The argument is that we would cease to exist, if we were to flow against the current of the worldliness. There is some truth to this argument. May be its time we come up with easy answers to such difficult questions because no matter how we choose to deceive ourselves, such questions will necessarily have to be answered in the years when the functional immorality becomes the bane of our existence.
Like most of us,  I wish I didn’t have to answer such questions.  I wish life had a flight mode.

1 thought on “Where do we land?”

  1. Well, life is a complex net of yes and no, ‘I want’ and ‘I don’t want’, merry and crazy and it goes on hand in hand all the time. Functionality is not affected by such factors, in fact functionality is an algorithm of all these things, the more loftier one side, more the (functionality) result gets skewed towards that side. So, don’t get strewn by the algorithm but strive to pull a justifiable result out of the algorithm. In the time being, enjoy the trip….!!! 🙂


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