On Summer

It is hard to look forward to dripping tees and sweaty armpits. It is difficult to find joy in smelly melee at the metro station or dehydration.  At the least,  it is certainly impossible to tolerate the onslaught of mosquitoes, bugs and the vengeful reptilia. Summer means a lot of different things to a lot of us.  But no matter how much I hate all the above, I can never escape the sheer joy of the sun shining on your face, at the risk of severe sun stroke. Summer is the season which puts nature in perspective. 
Shedding the gloom of winters and the upbeat spring, the sun shines with all its might sending nature cowering for shelter with its tail between its legs.  An odd entity, the usual benevolence of the sun is visibly absent during the summers.  We are quite obviously supine and servile in our homage to this mighty celestial once considered a God and quite rightly feared. Plains and deserts are witness quiet afternoons-nature afraid to even breathe as hot winds and dust storms rage unfettered.  Afternoons are a time for a respite, not from the sun,, but from the business of nature and affairs of men. The only respite offered is the brief evening coupled with a skewed night, when the sun is busy harassing an entirely different set of people, animals and plants on the other side of the world.
Quite naturally, summer does not feature among the top favourites when we are listing seasons. However, there is perspective to be gained from summer.  Man, animal and vegetation alike are subjected to one of the worst onslaught imaginable,  and taken to hell and back until they fully understand how we are supposed to co-exist with a Nietzschean God-benevolent yet fearsome.  We learn not to take things for granted and never to underestimate nature, something clearly missing in our collective social psyches these days.  Man may be capable of bending nature to its will and command, but he shall always be a mere constituent surviving at the mercy of favourable geography.
Summer this year will be record breaking yet again, boiling rivers and scorching the landscape yet again.  But the true question is-will we be any wiser this summer? Or are we so far gone in our foolhardy that our fate is quite inevitable.

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