Ecstasy and other less potent drugs

At the risk of diluting the substance of my writing, I wish to write about feelings of pure ecstasy and euphoria we have all been gripped by more than once in our rather insignificant lives. It may not have been a spectacular affair. Nothing too bombastic or ceremonious. Whether it be the immense joy one experiences on getting a new pet or a new bicycle or the nervous excitement of our first kiss, we, all of us, have experienced it at some or the other point in our lives except may be the sanctimonious pricks amongst us who choose not to admit anything.
Such a feeling, though not uncommon is widely appreciated and vastly addictive. It lulls us…let me rephrase that…it lures us into a less than real idea of the world, wherein unicorns exist and people live happily ever after. Its the thing we have and will always long for, true and never ending happiness. These fleeting moments of ecstasy get us addicted and then most of us spend our lives searching for that one spark which may give our life more ‘excitement’, a definite purpose and a whole lot of joy. It is, consequently, not without reason that I wonder at times, whether it would be best if we were never given the choice to feel happy. Granted that some would say that mine is a very dismal worldview. They would attribute sadness for my grouchy-gloomy arguments. However, the state of ecstasy or euphoria, which most of us confuse with real happiness, is ephemeral and is the prime reason for sentimentality and sadness. In absence of euphoria, we have control over our lives. We do not have gusto but we have tranquillity, and we have small to medium morsels of happiness to look forward to. Such tranquillity gives us perspective. It gives us stability. Euphoria on the other hand, is the temporary ripple in the pond, exciting but disturbing and in my opinion, is best only in irregular small doses.
Why would I choose to write about this? The answer to that question I leave to you. I for one have long been a victim of such miraculous life experiences and ecstatic providence. Even though I haven’t escaped my fate, I would very much like to take stock of my life and the various paraphernalia cluttering it, and if possible, see the glass half full for what it is, just a glass of water! Not nectar!

3 thoughts on “Ecstasy and other less potent drugs”

  1. Beautiful writing, the expressions of really what goes in the mind and heart at such ecstatic ones life every now and then.!!


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