On Valentine’s Day (skewed post)

Well, it is Valentine’s Day- one of those days when you feel obligated to make a blog post. There is no escape from the euphoria this day evokes, no respite. A day of love for some, loneliness for others this pretentious festival spurts red in adoration and in hurt. However stupid or ridiculous we feel the day is, one fact that can not be overstated is that it is impossible to ignore. The overbearing sentimentality¬†of this day envelopes us one and all, in a flurry of love and bitterness. Some of us revel in its caricaturing, some in its romance and some in hating it in denial of heir lonely lives; very few of us are truly capable of being indifferent to this extravagant marketing gimmick.

However, some among our esteemed citizenry, have chosen to mark this as a day of protest against increasing westernization of Indian culture. These grouchy nincompoops take to the streets to rough up and even forcibly rough up couples frolicking in the Valentine extravaganza. Remarkable for their tenacity and ridiculous for their misguided cultural leanings, it is hard to explain to them that culture is an ever-evolving serpentine mash of ideas, rituals and idiosyncrasies; something so difficult to mould consciously and by force. There is more to culture than religion and there is more to religion than you. So my hormone charged macho minions of nationalism, please play cool and get a life.

Well that about everything I can think of on Valentine’s Day. The World Cup is too distracting! Here is a corny poem to make your day-

“Roses are red, but I am blue. Its Valentine’s day, but where are you,

Chocolates and Teddies, I don’t need any; Valentines I have none, but friends many.

How I found you, I can never fathom, I had been floating through life, much like a phantom.

Whether you love me or not, remains to be seen, without you by my side, life has lost its sheen,

Roses are red, but I am blue. Its Valentine’s day, and I love you!”

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